About - Spend day with kids

This web site is here to help you - the parents - to find places and things to do with their children. Sure children have much more fun to go somewhere outside and spend day playing.

Who we are?

We are just parents with very active son. But I hope that with the help of other parents this site will become community that will share interesting places where we can take our children. We all know that there is only one childhood and our responsibility is to make childhood of our kids as happy as possible.

With your help this site will become place where everyone can find interesting place for their kids and thus making their childhood happier.

How this site works?

Site should show you interesting places to visit with the kids around 100 km (around 60 miles) from specified city. We believe that this distance is easily reachable by the car. The initial set of interesting attractions was created by us (searching the Internet), but we believe all of you know some places and will let us know about them so we can include them into our database. This way parents can share experience and have much more fun with children.

How we got the idea?

As we are trying to have active weekends with our son very often it means searching on the Internet. But we are also living in the city from which it is easy to reach two more countries. It means that searching for activities and things to do with kids need to be based on three different countries. But more or less you don’t care about countries. All you want to know is – where to go with kids around my home. Just show me all places in the driving distance from my city. And that was the moment when the idea of this site was born.
So just jump to home page and search for things to do with kids.

We hope that thanks to this website you are having more fun with your kids.