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7 indoor/outdoor places to go with kids in and near Paris, France:

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Days out in Park animal vision - Parc de vision animalier Park animal vision - Parc de vision animalier nature Paris; France
Park Wildlife viewing is a natural place to see the forest fauna.
Paris Sewer Museum museum Paris; France
The Paris Sewer Museum lets you enjoy a leisurely afternoon stroll through real sewer tunnels underneath Paris
Living Horse Museum - Musee Vivant du Cheval museum Chantilly; France
Thirty horses of different breeds welcome visitors to the typical, warm stable odours. Friesian, Appaloosa, Spanish, Portuguese, Boulonnais, Thoroughbred, Barb, Shetland. All day long they can be seen in motion....
Touro park theme park Romaneche-Thorins; France
Touroparc is also a leisure centre with many amusements.
Touro park - zoo zoo Romaneche-Thorins; France
The zoo counts 800 animals representing 120 different species from all the earth’s biotopes whether on land or aquatic.
Touro park - The Museum museum Romaneche-Thorins; France
30 shops and workshops from last century display forgotten aspects of our heritage. Find out about the talents and know-how of our ancestors gathered round our specially reconstructed village.
Amiens Zoo zoo Amiens; France
A very pleasant place where are living many beautifull and peacefull animals.

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