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Palacio de Monterrey history Salamanca; Spain
Plateresco style, its construction began in the sixteenth century (1539) commissioned by the Count of Monterrey D. What exists in reality is only a quarter of what was projected, which consisted of 4 wings with their towers, all around a courtyard
Casa Lis (Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco) museum Salamanca; Spain
The Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco of Salamanca holds 19 collections of decorative art from the late 19th century and early 20th century with some 2,500 well preserved items
Centro de Turismo Rural Valle Agadon nature Salamanca; Spain
You can enjoy many activities, beautiful landscapes, native fauna and even marine fossils such as trilobites that protrude from the stones with which local people have built their house forever
Museo del Convento de la Encarnacion museum Avila; Spain
The Monastery of the Incarnation, was founded in 1478 as Beaterio in houses next to the Puerta de San Vicente was the founder of Medina Elvira González.
Museo Del Toro museum Valladolid; Spain
The current status of bullfighting is very complex. From various agencies, both national and international initiatives arise questioning their future.
Museo Oriental museum Valladolid; Spain
The dream of Admiral Columbus was to find those extraordinarily rich lands of Cathay (China) and Cipango (Japan) of which Marco Polo spoke in his "Book of Wonders", written in 1298.
Castillo de Coca history Coca; Spain
The castle of Coca is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Gothic-Mudejar Spanish. Its construction surprises and love to those who are first seen
National Museum of Sculpture (Museo Nacional de Escultura) museum Valladolid; Spain
The National Museum Association of San Gregorio is one of the most interesting Spanish museums, by the special combination of unique and original home of his sculpture collection
Monfrague National Park nature Serradilla; Spain
Monfrag├╝e National Park, the Biosphere Reserve and the Socioeconomic Impact Area, are a prime tourist destination

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