Kids day out in Monkey Forest at Trentham

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Trentham Estate Southern entrance
Stone Road

About Monkey Forest at Trentham

A unique experience

Monkey forest is 60 acres of beautiful woodland and meadows where 140 monkeys live in total freedom. You are plunged into the Barbary macaques fascinating world as you hear rustling in the trees, chattering in a strange language of sounds and mimicry, and chasing one another through the branches. To your right there is a male carrying a baby on his back, on your left are two females grooming each other, and in the trees are young monkeys doing acrobatics between the branches. Walking along the path you are transported into a different world of animal magic!


At Monkey Forest the Barbary macaques roam freely in a 60 acre forest. As you enter the park you will be able to observe the monkeys living in their fascinating society as they would in Algeria or Morocco. The two groups in the forest come from our existing parks in France and Germany and the monkeys have lived all their lives in similar settings. The parks have a non-invasive policy where we intervene as little as possible and leave the monkeys to live their lives as they would in the wild.

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