Kids day out in Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre

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C/O Fletchers garden centre
Stone road
ST21 6JY

About Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre

Gentleshaw Wildlife centre is a small sanctuary for exotic animals and birds of prey. As well as a hospital unit for the treatment of wild raptors (Not on display), the centre is home to over 30 different species of Bird of prey, Primate, Reptile, Invertebrate, Raccoons, Cats and many more. .

Some of the animals we take in have never seen their own kind before, this can have terrible effects on species such as primates as they are naturally sociable. Some animals have not been fed the correct food, Some kept in the wrong type of housing and some of the birds come in never having been able to stretch their wings or see day light.
We have many improvements we would like to make and projects we wish to complete, only lack of funding stands in our way as we rely soley on donations from the public and money raised by people coming to the centre as visitors or on one of our Bird Of Prey experiences. We always give our residents the best we can with the resources we have. Our aim is always to give safe and caring homes to animals which have no where else to go and to provide them with a much better quality of life than they had before coming to us.

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