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About Butterfly and Insect World

It's Creepy...It's Crawly... It's a Jungle in here!

Why not visit us today for a great day out!
Enter our tropical rainforest paradise and discover…
Tropical Rainstorm

Experience what a tropical rainstorm is like 1st hand
Fish Feeding
Animal Handling

Join our experts and get the chance to handle tarantulas, snakes and millipedes

PLUS many other fascinating daily occurrences such as:

    * Leaf Cutter Ant Parade
    * Glowing Scorpion Display
    * Working Honey Bee Hives (Seasonal)
    * Beady Eyed Iguana
    * Tropical Gardens

As well as seeing all of these incredible creatures and having an unforgettable time, you'll also be helping us support the conservation of threatened species and habitats throughout the world.

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about Butterfly and Insect World

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