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Am Tiergarten 30
D-90480 Nürnberg
Tel.:  +49-(0)911-5454-6
E-Mail: tiergarten@stadt.nuernberg.de

About Tiergarten Nürnberg

On 13 August 1971, the visitors of the Tiergarten Nürnberg had for the very first time he chance to see the dolphins which had arrived a few days earlier performing in a dolphin show.

Keeping dolphins has gone through tremendous development over the past years. While no offspring survived and the live expectancy was only 4.76 years due to the annual survival rate for the first 15 years, 5 dolphins survived and were raised successfully over the past 15 years and with a life expectancy of now 29.8 years they even become older than the dolphins in the wild.

The Tiergarten Nürnberg is part of the Reichswald, a formerly huge forest area of 26,000 hectares. In its centre the city of Nuremberg had developed. Some of the most important quarries were also part of the Reichswald along the Schmausenbuck. The rocky landscapes of the old quarries and the mixed cultivation of the Reichswald also define the landscapes around the Tiergarten. Ibexes, lions, tigers and polar bear are living in front of or in the middle of the impressive rocks in which one could - upon taking a closer look - even discover the shapes of square stones from the times of the quarries were still operating.

On 6 April 2001 the Aqua Park was opened in the Tiergarten of the City of Nürnberg. This exotic-sounding name revealed a newly designed water landscape for beavers, otters, penguins, sea lions and polar bears. The rather modern name Aqua Park was chosen for a very good reason: The new part of the zoo was not to be confused with the aquatic area around the two bird lakes. While the Tiergarten had owned penguins, sea lions and polar bears before, beavers and otters were new inhabitants of the zoo and were to promote the protection of nature in our home.

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