Kids day out in Baltow Jurassic Park

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Baltów 8a
27-423 Baltów, Poland
Phone: +48 41 264 14 20‎

About Baltow Jurassic Park

Since seventies of 20th century dinosaur tracks have been found in the Jurassic rocks exposed in the Holy Cross Mountains. During Late Jurassic (about 155 million years ago) the north eastern margin of the Holy Cross Mountains was flooded by a warm, tropical sea. The geologists interpreted the environment of the present-day Ba?tów region as shallow water sea, rich in corals, brachiopods, gastropods, echinoids and ammonites. Supposedly, in the near distance was a land where dinosaurs dominated.
Limestones exposed in Ba?tów originated in the environmental conditions of the Jurassic time. These rocks, therefore, contain fossil remnants of animals of the Jurassic age. Numerous and well preserved pieces of plants were also found, which is a unique example within the Upper Jurassic rocks of Europe. In many places, the limestones build picturesque cliffs along the valley of the Kamienna river. They were commonly used by locals for lime production and as a construction material. We can see traces of the exploitation in several quarries, e.g. in Skarbka and in Ba?tów villages.

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