Kids day out in Franklin Mineral Museum

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2 Evans Street
Franklin NJ

About Franklin Mineral Museum

The Franklin Mineral Museum a non-profit educational institution is located at 32 Evans Street, Franklin, Sussex County, New Jersey. The museum was incorporated June 2, 1964.

Franklin, NJ coupled with its close neighbor Ogdensburg, NJ are the home of the world's most famous zinc mines. The Franklin mine is especially famous for mineral fluorescence, and variety of rare species. 

On September 13, 1968 the State of New Jersey passed a resolution declaring the Borough of Franklin:

 "the Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World."  These zinc deposits have produced 357 different mineral species starting with the discovery of zincite in 1810 by Dr. Archibald Bruce. 

The Franklin Mineral Museum's mission is to preserve the mineral wealth, geology, knowledge, and history of "the greatest mineral locality on earth." The area is perceived to be one of the best of "Nature's Classrooms" by many prominent intellectuals and has much to offer science students and professionals.

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