Kids day out in Howe Caverns

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255 Discovery Drive
Howes Cave NY

About Howe Caverns

Imagine stepping into an elevator that takes you 156 feet below the Earth's surface. When the elevator stops, the doors open into a prehistoric underground cavern six million years in the making. As you exit into the Vestibule, your imagination takes hold.

The air down here is different. A constant 52º Fahrenheit / 12º Celsius and 70-75% humidity, year round.

As your eyes adjust to the underworld, shadows hide secrets in every crack and crevice. Sound echos off the walls and ceiling, reminding you of just how deep you have descended and what surprises await you in the underground wonder.

You don't have to be a serious caver or spelunker to appreciate the geology of Howe Caverns. Your specially trained tour guide will help you negotiate the cave and learn about the magnificent limestone formations, the stalactites, stalagmites and flowstone, and the tremendous conservation effort underway to protect and preserve Howe Caverns for future generations.

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