Kids day out in Rushmore Cave

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13622 Highway 40
Keystone SD

About Rushmore Cave

An ancient Black Hills' treasure, buried beneath the earth's surface is now yours to discover and explore, just a few miles east of Mount Rushmore. Here you will find beautiful Rushmore Cave, where winding passageways lead you 60 million years back in time. Icicle-like stalactites hang from cavern ceilings, while spires of stalagmites rise from the smooth rock floor. Experienced cave guides escort you on your journey, past mysterious chambers, many of them still unexplored.

The Black Hills are home to the 2nd largest cave system in the US. The Black Hills are one of the oldest mountain ranges in the US. Geologists believe this cave, with its world-class big room, began forming 60 million years ago.

You never know where you might find a cave, and many are discovered by accident. Rushmore Cave was discovered when adventurous gold miners, searching for their fortune, stumbled upon the cave entrance instead. A guide can show you where this happened.

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