Kids day out in Cosmos Mystery Area

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3616 W. Main
Rapid City SD

About Cosmos Mystery Area

Our Cosmos guides will take you on a truly unique adventure that could be the most entertaining and unforgettable experience your family will witness in the Black Hills, and possibly in the entire universe! You may even remember being here as a kid and want to bring your children back to the place you visited as a child.  Yes, this is the same place!  Our tour consists of a myriad of demonstrations designed to boggle the mind and show the awesome power of the Cosmos "force". From people changing heights on level platforms to water flowing uphill, to sitting on the wall. 

The Cosmos is sure to amaze and astonish the mind!

Cosmos Mystery Area is a fun filled Black Hills attraction that is close to Rapid City and Mt Rushmore and is great for all ages. Our primary service and most mysterious event is our guided tour given by one of our specially trained tour guides. Specially trained for what you might ask? For fun! The tour is where mystery, science and comedy all collide!

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