Kids day out in Nightmare On 13th Street

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300 W 1300 S
Salt Lake City UT

About Nightmare On 13th Street

Nightmare on 13th is no ordinary haunted house. With over 20 years of experience, the 36,000 square foot house of terror has had time to perfect doing just that. This freak show features the integrated teamwork of animated robots and a small army of live actors (or are they?) that follow, harass, and chase you through your most terrifying fantasies, popping up just when you think it is safe to let your guard down.

Are you a rational person? You will soon find yourself questioning where the artificial nightmare ends and a twisted reality begins. Our dedication to making your blood run cold starts as soon as you have the nerve to set foot in our parking lot, and while you hope it’s over when you get back in your car and drive away, we just might visit you again in your dreams.

If you really have nerves of steel, your breaking point will be tested in our EXTREME Nightmare, an experience that will play on all your deepest fears. Don’t get ahead of yourself though-try out our main haunted house experience before you venture to the edge of terror. Neither is for the faint of heart.

From horrifying scenes right out of the most grotesque movies in pop culture to deranged clowns that make you question your sanity, our haunted house pushes all the limits, and we change every year to keep even the most regular guests on their toes. Come visit the nightmare that has everyone talking, including USA Today and The Travel Channel, and find out what drags so many back every year to get scared again.

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