Kids day out in Wonderland Park

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2601 Dumas Dr
Amarillo TX 79107

About Wonderland Park

More than 50 years ago, Paul Roads had a dream. If he built an amusement park, the children would come. But where to build it? His vision took him not to a cornfield, but to an ugly, barren hill. In their search for the perfect site, Paul and wife Alethea traveled from San Angelo to a bleak stretch of land in Amarillo's Thompson Park.

It seemed the dream would die right there, for lack of water. "There were no trees, just scrub grass and sand burrs," Mr. Roads recalls. "It was pitiful." So pitiful that he and Alethea headed home. "We only got so far as Canyon, when we decided to give the location a second look."

Today, the third generation carries on the family legacy at Wonderland Park. The Borchardts' daughters Kristen, Keira and Paige have all worked part-time at the park, but their eldest, Rebecca, has made the park her career. A CPA, Rebecca has succeeded her grandmother as comptroller. "Our family understands our lifestyle," P.D. said. "We work while everybody else plays and we work while everybody works." He's only half kidding. The Roads and the Borchardts work hard to make Wonderland Park fun for their guests . . . and doing so gives them great satisfaction. "They say the man with the most toys wins,"  P.D. said. "I think it's the guy who has the most fun. I win hands down."

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