Kids day out in International Centre for Birds of Prey

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About International Centre for Birds of Prey

The International Centre for Birds of Prey is the new name for the National Birds of Prey Centre. It is and has been for many years, a specialist zoo of birds of prey dedicated to their conservation. We use the word zoo purposefully for two reasons. Firstly the legal definition of a zoo is a place open to the public for seven days of the year with animals not normally domesticated within the UK, so that makes us legally a zoo; in fact any place with birds of prey on view to the public is technically a zoo, and thus requires a zoo licence.

More importantly we call ourselves a specialist zoo because we are not ashamed of being a zoo. The dictionary definition of a zoo is a collection of zoological specimens, usually open to the public. In the long past zoos were just for entertainment, and amusement, with animals stockpiled and not necessarily well looked after. But now that is most certainly not the case, at least in the UK. Zoos do a tremendous amount of excellent conservation work. They achieve it on their premises by educating the public to understand and as importantly, appreciate wildlife, imagine if everyone went out to see it in the wild – there would be huge pressure on what is left of our wild places.

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