Things to do with kids in France

Lot of fun things to do with kids in France. Fun, free and cheap activities and places to go with children in France. Select your favorite destination from the list of zoos, theme parks, water parks, family parks, indoor and outdoor places, museums... Search for your favorite family days out in France.

Zoo Amneville zoo Amnéville les Thermes; France
The Zoo has become a Amnéville the three largest in France, and one of the most beautiful in Europe. Our facilitators, educators, offer spectacular animations with sea lions, wolves, hippos,Humboldt penguins, tigers Siberias, polar bears, etc...
Days out in Animal Park of the Banished - Parc Animalier de la Bannie Animal Park of the Banished - Parc Animalier de la Bannie zoo Bourbonne les Bains; France
Animal Park is one of the Banished zoo where children can admire deer,wild boar, and smaller animals: peacocks, goats and rabbits. Playground, picnic area in a wooded (oak).
Eagles Britain - Aigles de Bretagne zoo Broualan; France
See the birds of prey in flight within the ramparts of the mediaeval castle and admire their beauty and agility in an exceptional setting amid woods and lakes.
Days out in Animal Park De Saint-laurent in Charleville Mezieres Animal Park De Saint-laurent in Charleville Mezieres zoo Charleville-Mézières; France
The park is open daily in the afternoon except Thursday and the visit is free.
Zoo Fort Mardyck zoo Fort Madyck; France
The daily entertainment: taste bears, otters feeding, medical training session ... seals are also scheduled during the school holidays and are genuine moments of exchange with the team of animal trainers.
Maison de la Baie de Somme and the Bird zoo Lanchéres; France
Outside, around the lake, you can watch the ducks, geese and other typical wetland birds.
Zoo Maubeuge zoo Maubeuge; France
Nice Zoo.
African Safari Plaisance Du Touch zoo Plaisance-du-Touch; France
Near Toulouse, African Safari, the zoo and the African reserve Plaisance du Touch, offers an extraordinary opportunity to explore by car and on foot, over 500 animals and a beautiful sea lion show!
Touro park - zoo zoo Romaneche-Thorins; France
The zoo counts 800 animals representing 120 different species from all the earth’s biotopes whether on land or aquatic.