natures to visit with kids in Alaska

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Musk Ox Farm nature US, Alaska
Every year we host thousands of visitors who come to view the animals, learn about the project and take advantage of this unique opportunity to see and photograph one of the Arctic's oldest living species.
Kincaid park nature Anchorage; US, Alaska
Kincaid Park offers the easiest way to get deep in the woods right in town. This 1400-acre forest sits atop an old glacial moraine and offers one of America’s top trail systems as well as Anchorage’s largest moose population.
Alaska National Forests nature Ester; US, Alaska
They're used extensively for all kinds of recreation, from fishing and hunting to mountain biking and snowmobile riding. The forests offer lots of pleasure for visitors to Southcentral and Southeast Alaska: skiing, canoeing and river running...
Pioneer Park nature Fairbanks; US, Alaska
Pioneer Park was built in 1965-1966. The Park opened in 1967 as the Centennial Exposition (A-67) commemorating the 100th anniversary of the purchase of Alaska from Russia.
Tongass National Forrest nature Juneau; US, Alaska
Embracing nearly a million acres of old growth rainforest, alpine tundra, and rugged coastline, Admiralty Island National Monument and the Kootznoowoo Wilderness offer unrivaled opportunities for solitude and primitive recreation in Southeast Alaska.
Big Game Alaska Wildlife Park nature Palmer; US, Alaska
Located on 140 acres of natural Alaska wilderness, Big Game Alaska Wildlife Center opened to the public in 1993.
Baranof Castle Hill State Historic Site nature Sitka; US, Alaska
Commonly referred to as Castle Hill, this park is one of the most historically significant sites in Alaska. A fully accessible walkway leads visitors to the top of the hill and provides outstanding views of downtown Sitka and waterfront.
Sitka National Historical Park nature Sitka; US, Alaska
The visitor center contains ethnographic exhibits and houses the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center, where visitors can watch Native artists at work.
Alpine Historical Park nature Sutton; US, Alaska
The Alpine Historical Park provides community members, as well as visitors from far or near, a look back in time to understand the heritage and cultures of the early settlers of this area.