zoos to visit with kids in Alaska

Lot of zoos and fun things to do with kids in Alaska. Fun, free and cheap activities and places to go with children in Alaska. Search for your favorite family days out in Alaska.

Alaska Zoo zoo Anchorage; US, Alaska
Lots of fun activities for the whole family. Kids can create valentine cards for their favorite animals in the greenhouse and distribute the love notes to their favorite animal’s habitat.
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge zoo Fairbanks; US, Alaska
The Refuge continues to be valued, even by those who never travel within it's borders, as a symbol of America's vast and remote wilderness - a place of inspiration and beauty - a promise for the future for all Americans.
Large Animal Research Station zoo Fairbanks; US, Alaska
Welcome to the Robert G. White Large Animal Research Station at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Thousands of people visit LARS each year. Guided, outdoor walking tours are provided at regularly scheduled times.