zoos to visit with kids in Kansas

Lot of zoos and fun things to do with kids in Kansas. Fun, free and cheap activities and places to go with children in Kansas. Search for your favorite family days out in Kansas.

Safari Zoological Park zoo Caney; US, Kansas
We believe that animals belong in their natural habitats. Unfortunately, their natural habitats are quickly being destroyed and many animals are losing the opportunity to have full and happy lives.
Lee Richardson Zoo zoo Garden City; US, Kansas
The Lee Richardson Zoo is often referred to as an oasis on the plains. Occupying almost half of the 110-acre Finnup Park, the zoo is a favorite gathering spot for nearly a quarter million visitors each year
Sunset Zoo zoo Manhatten; US, Kansas
Sunset Zoo, located in Manhattan, KS, is opened 360 days a year and is home to over 300 animal species!
Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure zoo Salina; US, Kansas
Over the past ten years we have grown from a humble refuge housing 45 species to a respected zoo, home to 105 species of animals.
Topeka Zoo zoo Topeka; US, Kansas
Start your adventure in our wonderful Zoo and enjoy the best family place in Topeka.
Sedgwick County Zoo zoo Wichita; US, Kansas
Sedgwick County Zoo was established by the volunteer efforts of civic-minded citizens who formed the Sedgwick County Zoological Society in 1963, many years before the Zoo would take shape.